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What is YP Investors?

Stock Analysis Tools: YP Investors has many easy to use tools and software to help you analyze stocks.
Point and Figure Charts: The most popular YP Investors stock analysis tools are based on the Point and Figure Chart.
Additional Analysis Tools: In addition to the Point and Figure Charts we also offer other Technical and Fundamental Analysis Tools.
Sector Rankings: YP Investors keeps a ranking of each sector from the best performing down to the worst performing.
Market Conditions: YP Investors provides the general Market conditions to help you decide what strategies you should implement.
Make Investing Simple: Our main focus is to provide you with easy to use Stock Analysis tools so you can select the winning stocks.


YP Investors is here to help you grow your wealth. Our YP membership includes educational videos, point and figure charting technical analysis tools, and our YP Investing Forum. We provide simple yet reliable stock analysis. Whether you are a day trader, swing trader, long term investor, have years of experience, or have none. Try us out for free with our 3-Week Free Trial subscription.


Point and Figure Chart Analysis is the Key to Success

Point and Figure Charting

  • P&F Charting has been around for over 100 years
  • P&F Charting is based on the laws of Supply & Demand which is what ultimately causes a stock’s price to fluctuate
  • X’s and O’s demonstrate a stock’s long-term trend as well as it’s Buy and Sell signals
  • As technology and stock analysis methods grow, P&F Charting remains a core practice
Point and Figure Chart

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Why You Lose Money When You Keep it in a Bank Account

Savings Account vs Investing

  • The average interest rate for a Savings Account in 2018 was 0.17%
  • The average Market return is about 10%
  • In 2018, the inflation rate was 1.9% causing money sitting in Savings Accounts to lose value
  • Gain knowledge and lower risk with our YP Investing tools and strategies

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Simple Technical Analysis that is Often Overlooked

What is a Point and Figure Chart?

One of the foundations to technical analysis is point and figure charting. At YP Investors we have some of the most advanced point and figure charting software. Our charts clearly display key components like buy and sell signals as well as long term trend lines, you will not find a point and figure chart like it. The chart patterns help to determine solid entry and exit points in stock market trading or investing. Watch our Point and Figure Charting Tutorial Video to lean how to use the P&F charts.

What is Relative Strength?

Relative Strength is a head-to-head comparison of one security to another, and the better performing security wins the battle. At YP Investors we know how to calculate the relative strength of a stock. We plot the stock relative strength chart using point and figure charting. This paints a clear picture and the winner is displayed. You can use our relative strength analysis tool to calculate a stock or ETF relative strength chart which displays the outperforming stock/ETF in a matter of seconds.

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