Bitcoin Price History – Best Custom Bitcoin Chart – 1 Day to 3 Years

What is the price of Bitcoin? The latest Bitcoin price is instantly displayed when our YP Investors Bitcoin price history tool (this page!) loads.

This tool also displays different Bitcoin price history charts including a 1-month, 6-month, 1-year, 2-year, and max chart.
We also have the option for you to create your own custom Bitcoin price history chart based on the number of days you specify to plot.
Our Bitcoin price history charts include daily volume plots to allow you to see any patterns. This is just one of many ways we like to keep you ahead of the market.

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Latest Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price History

1-Month Bitcoin Price History

The 1-month bitcoin price history chart shows the short-term volatility of the cryptocurrency. It is most useful for day traders but can also be used by investors.

6-Month Bitcoin Price History

The 6-month bitcoin price history chart shows a good snapshot of this year’s volatility and trend of the cryptocurrency. It can be useful for day traders and investors alike.

1-Year Bitcoin Price History

The 1-year bitcoin price history chart shows a year-to-date snapshot of the cryptocurrency. This allows investors to get a good view of which way the stock is trending on a longer-term basis.

2-Year Bitcoin Price History

The 2-year bitcoin price history chart shows a 2-year history of the cryptocurrency. Having two full years of price history allows a long-term investor to gauge when a good time to enter the cryptocurrency might be. It also can display historical patterns of booms and sell-offs.

Max Bitcoin Price History

The max bitcoin price history chart shows the max history that YP Investors can plot of the cryptocurrency. This shows the longest term view of the stock and indicates only the bigger historical patters of booms and sell-offs.

Custom Bitcoin Price History

Customize this bitcoin price history to your liking. Simply input the number of days you want to see and it will generate your own custom chart. This will allow you to uniquely create a chart that shows the exact range you need.

Bitcoin vs Stocks

YP Investors is mainly focused on stocks, as we have some of the top stock analysis software and tools in the industry (We have a variety of membership options so you have the flexibility to choose what works best for you according to your investing needs.) One thing that is common when investing in anything is to diversify.

Adding cryptocurrency to your investment portfolio can be another way to diversify your investments. As the world adopts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they are becoming more widely available and easy to invest in. The reason to keep investing in stocks is the same. Great investors will diversify. If the crypto market crashes or gives way to scammers as we have already witnessed numerous times, stocks can be a solid way to hold up your portfolio.

Right now cryptocurrencies are not regulated unlike stocks, bonds, and other securities. It is much harder for scammers to steal people’s money through stocks then it is through cryptocurrency. One famous example of cryptocurrency going wrong is the Squid Game crypto. The creators of the cryptocurrency created it while the Netflix series was popular then as soon as its price skyrocketed they stole all the value leaving investors with a worthless crypto.

Stock prices go to zero only when the company goes completely bankrupt. When you can find solid companies you minimize this risk to almost zero. Our stock analysis tools and software can help you find these winning stocks. Remember there is always value to a company, is there always value to a cryptocurrency?

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