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Welcome to YP Investors

This introduction video displays some of the great investing tools YP Investors has to offer long with our exclusive investing community.

Point and Figure Charting Tutorial

Learn the basics of Point and Figure Charting and become a more educated investor.

Stock Selector Tutorial

Learn how to utilize the Stock Selector tool and start really growing your wealth!

Relative Strength Tutorial

This YP Investors video is a great relative strength tutorial. Compare stocks Head to Head and see if they are beating the market.

Top Stocks and Sector ETFs Tutorial

One of our best tools is the Top Stocks and Sectors page. On this page we list the top performing Securities and Sectors based on technical and fundamental analysis. This page is updated weekly!

Penny Stocks Tutorial

One of our most popular tools is the Top Penny Stocks. On this page we list the top performing stocks that are less than $5 based on technical and fundamental analysis. This page is updated weekly!

YP Investors Quick Tip Videos

Positive and Negative Trend Lines

In this video you will learn about the importance of Trend lines in point and figure charts. We go over how to identify Positive and Negative trend lines an how they affect the future price of the stock.

Double/Triple/Quadruple Top Buy Signals

In this video you will learn how to identify Double, Triple, and Quadruple Top Buy Signals!

Protecting Yourself Against Earnings

In this video you will learn how you can protect yourself from Earnings. When a company announces earnings most of the time the stock price is very volatile. It can go way up or way down unexpectedly. We have some helpful tips in this video to protect your gains and principal.

Don’t be Fooled by the Dividend

Many investors and traders pick Dividend stocks because of their guaranteed return, but what they can overlook is how the actual stock itself will perform…This can be a huge mistake.

Video Tutorials: ETF Series

What is an ETF?

YP Investors explains what an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is and how they can significantly benefit the investor or trader.

Equal Weighted ETFs

In this video YP Investors explains what an Equal Weighted ETF is, how they are different from normal ETFs, and the benefits of Equal Weighted ETFs.

Sector ETFs

What is a Sector? What is a Sector ETF? What is an Equal Weighted Sector ETF? YP investors will answer all these questions in this video.

Market ETFs

In YP Investors 4th and final episode in the ETF Series we talk about Market ETFs. These are simply ETFs that mimic the Market.

Bullish Catapult Buy Signal

In this episode of YP Investors Quick Tips you will learn how to identify the strongest buy signal in point and figure charting, the Bullish Catapult Buy Signal.

Be Aware of Inflation

The average annual inflation rate in the US is about 2%. Many are unaware of this and the impact it has on your investments and savings. In our video we explain how it affects you and what you can do to combat it.

Statistical Analysis

Using the 50-Day moving average YP Investors new statistics feature will show if a stock is out of its 96% range. If a stock price is higher or lower than the limits of this range then odds are the stock price will fall or rise back closer to the average and within the range.

How to Grow your 401k

What you need to know about 401ks/retirement accounts, as well as 401k/retirement strategies and tips.

Double, Triple, and Quadruple Bottom Sell Signals

When investing or trading you need to determine both a good time to buy a stock and also a good time to sell. The sell signals in point and figure charts are clues/strong indicators that a stock price is going to fall, so you may want to exit a stock you own if it hits a sell signal.

The Importance of Market Conditions

In this video you will learn about Market conditions. The Market Conditions should be a key indicator of what your investment or trade strategy should be. In our quick tip video you will find out when you should be on the offense and when to be defensive in the stock market.

New Features Added To YP Tools

In this video we go through our new and improved Stock Selector, Point and Figure Chart, and Relative Strength Tools. These are improved to help ease you in your financial journey as you continue to grow your wealth.

Identifying Buy and Sell Signals in P&F Charts

When a certain pattern of X’s and O’s is formed on a stocks point and figure chart the stock price has a high probability of either increasing or decreasing in price. Recognizing these patterns should be a key part of your investing or trading strategy so you can successfully grow your wealth.

The Power of Relative Strength

This is a great episode of YP Investors Quick Tips. We go over Relative Strength and demonstrate the power of our tool. Relative Strength analysis should be a key component in your investing/trading strategy. This will allow you to get the strongest and best performing securities!

YP Investors Investing Blog

Check out our YP Investors Blog page that has tons of educational articles about investing and trading including some strategies that you will want to utilize.

Finding Good Stocks to Invest In

YP Investors has quality investing and trading tools that anyone who wants to make money in the stock market should utilize. One of the most popular tools “The Top Stocks and Sector ETFs” is described in this video.

How to Buy and Hold Good Stocks

In this video you will learn both where to find Good Stocks that will grow, and how to keep only the good stocks that are growing in your portfolio.

Income Investing Strategy Selling Puts

In this episode of YP Quick Tips we provide a low risk and profitable income investing strategy. This strategy involves selling Put Options on good Technical performing stocks.

An Easy and Successful Investing Strategy

In our simple strategy you buy into the top performing Equal Weight Sector ETF.

Income Investing Strategy While Protecting Your Investment

In this episode of YP Quick Tips we provide an investment strategy that protects your current stocks/securities owned and generates additional income. This strategy involves selling Call Options on good Technical performing stocks.

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