Who Owns CBS?

So who owns CBS? CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is owned by publicly traded company ViacomCBS ($VIAC). This year it held one of the top sporting events in the world, Super Bowl LV (55). We took a look at how this Super Bowl compared to years past and how the stock price performed leading up to it.

Who Owns CBS?

How did Super Bowl LV do for CBS?

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the world. Almost 100 Million watched last year’s game and the most watched game ever was in 2015 with about 115 Million viewers. Many thought this year would break the viewing record because this is the first Super Bowl ever to have the winning quarterbacks of the previous two Super Bowls faceoff. This was also Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl in 20 years of playing and Patrick Mahomes 2nd Super Bowl in a row. 

It didn’t turn out to be a record breaker for Viacom. ViacomCBS ($VIAC), who owns CBS had about 91.63 Million Viewers for Super Bowl LV. This is very surprising to us at YP Investors, we thought with the big name QBs and all the hype around Tom Brady would have had a chance to break the record, but it didn’t even surpass the 100 Million mark.

What all the viewers mean for ViacomCBS (who owns CBS)

With the large number of Super Bowl viewers, companies paid tons of money to run Super Bowl commercials. With the high prices for commercials it made us wonder how VIAC (who owns CBS) performed leading up to the Super Bowl. In the last year VIAC has been up over 60%, which is a solid return compared to market rates. It will be interesting to see how the earnings call goes this month to see the reaction to the Super Bowl views and ad income. Will VIAC continue its growth or will it be stunted??

How does the ViacomCBS Stock Look?

YP Investors technical analysis shows that VIAC is in a positive trend and has 4 out of 5 positive technical attributes (as of 2/15/2021). The fundamentals show a Price to Earnings ratio of 13.96 (as of 2/15/2021) which is fundamentally solid. The analysis side of things look great for VIAC, but as we have seen in GME-investors and the market will decide where the stock price will go. This doesn’t mean analysis is pointless, it means not every investment will correlate to the analysis 100% so make sure to have a strategy with entry and exit plans.

Published 2/15/2021

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