Bumble Stock Now Public with Record Setting CEO

Bumble stock went public just in time for Valentines Day! ? They couldn’t have picked a better date to go public which demonstrates the impressive intelligence behind Bumble. We will dive into Bumble’s IPO and recap how the company did on its opening week.

Bumble Stock

What is Bumble?

First off What is Bumble? Bumble is a dating app where you swipe through others profiles and like ones you are interested in, similar to Tinder. There is one huge caveat to Bumble which makes it so popular, the girl has to send the first message if there is a match. This unique feature has powered Bumble to one of the top dating apps. 

How has the Bumble Stock Performed?

The company is run by 31 year old founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe. Bumble stock was officially available to the public last week on February 11th, 2021. Whitney became the youngest woman ever to take a company public. Here’s how the company did after going public. Bumble stock’s initial IPO prices started around $30-$35, but last week the official IPO price announced was $43 per share. This put the valuation of Bumble at about 4.5 Billion.

How much is Bumble worth after going public?

Once Bumble went public the price shot up. Retail investors could not purchase it until it was live on the exchange at $76 per share, the stock ended the week at $74.60. Retail investors again missed out on the almost doubling of Bumble’s stock price. The underwriters and original investors cashed in big. The latest valuation of Bumble is now about 8 Billion. The fact that it is almost double its IPO price after just two days on the Market shows that this is a great company, hats off to the young CEO!  

Quick Tip: How to calculate how much Bumble is worth:

It is easy to find out how much bumble stock is worth. Simply multiply Bumbles stock price by the number of shares outstanding. Right now that is about 100 Million shares times About $75 share price. This lands us at roughly 7.5-8 Billion.

Published 2/14/2021, Last Updated 2/14/2021

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